Guy tries to hit on me at club

Him: oh yeah I like fashion too
Me: really?
Him: yeah
Me: then who is the creative director of balenciaga?
Him: was that English?


Mui Mui

Source: Mui Mui Spring 2014 Collection, Paris Fashion Week via

Mui mui

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Something unfortunate happened in class today

Prof: *talks about how Louis XIV liked red-heeled shoes*
Lady in the back: isn't there some designer that makes shoes with red soles?
Guy next to me: yes it's Louis Vuitton
Me: uh no it's Christian louboutin

fuk fashion



Sasha Luss @ Jason Wu SS 2014

Isn’t this altuzarra



Sasha Luss @ Jason Wu SS 2014

Isn’t this altuzarra



my mom bought me another Louis Vuitton bag and I wanted a fendi my 8th grade year is ruined

Really? Fucking really? Spoiled brat. :/ In 8th grade, I had one of those silly little bag-purses that had the letter of my first name on it that where mass produced (like those names on magnets) and were only, like what? 10 dollars? Not even at some stores. Complaining about getting a Louis Vuitton bag over a Fendi.

Your rich privilege is showing.

Sounds like your parents didn’t love you.


Today I was in this designer consignment shop and this girl was looking at a vintage Chanel jacket. She looked at the price and said “$1000? For that?!” (She was like tan and beachy n stuff). I told her it was probably around 6-7 originally. She was in awe.

My brush with a real life unknowledagble fashionista!

skinny white girl in basic af outfit wow so fashionable!!! inspiration

Mui mui campaign

Mui mui campaign

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Still one of my favorite runway shows.
Alexander McQueen Spring/ Summer 2005 

EXCEPT that’s Ayumi Hamasaki’s Song 4 You

and THIS is McQueen’s show

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